Baz Salmon

Baz Salmon

The Arts in the South West

Welcome to the visual arts in the South West.  This region of Western Australia has any number of exciting reasons to prompt you to visit, or maybe even settle here.  We have a vibrant, diverse economy, a spectacular climate, and the landform is magnificent.  Great beaches, delightful forests, good quality roads for seeing it all, the region is going ahead in leaps and bounds.

As any community grows, we need to express ourselves.  The arts are one component of that, and even a fairly simple overview finds that our artists are diverse, skilled, and hard at it.  Our infra structure is straining to keep up, but the longer you look, the more ways you find for artists to take their expression to the people.  The South West abounds with galleries, arts events, competitions and the like, and viewing it here on the portal is a great way to start (or continue) your process of getting amongst it all.

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Address: 427 Forest Grove Rd,Forest Grove 6286

Open on Sundays 10AM - 4PM