Wine for Dudes

Wine for Dudes

The Most Awarded Tour Company in the South West

Wine for Dudes has been operating for over 7 years since February 2003. 

The idea of Wine for Dudes tours initiated in Europe, when the previous owner was working in Italy.  There - wine is for everybody.  Go down to the local restaurant for lunch and you’ll see that it is booked out with tradesmen having a two course lunch and sloshing it down with wine – everyday!  It is a beautiful way to live, yet something that only business people would enjoy on a Friday afternoon in Australia. 

We believe wine should be simple, fun, approachable, a part of everyday life, having a good time with it rather than using it for status, it’s not just for special occasions, it should be incorporated into how we live, basically, keeping it honest.  Wine for Dudes was created to break-down the intimidating barriers that prevent people from really enjoying wine on a day to day basis.

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