Settlers Tavern

Settlers Tavern

The kind of pub every wine region should have

The Tav was built as a haven for Margs emerging surf culture of the 1970’s.  Local legends now rub elbows with a widely eclectic mix of world-class winemakers, winery crew, locals and their families and travellers from every continent.

Settlers Tavern “the kind of pub every wine region should have” Gourmet Traveller Wine Aug ’08, is utterly unpretentious; a mix between an eclectic cafĂ©, a good pub and “a more than solid place to enjoy honest food” -Tim White, Aust Financial Review,  Jan 09, and has been named WA's Best Regional Hotel/Tavern of the Year - and awarded The WA Community Services Award in the 2009 AHA Awards for Excellence.

The Lonely Planet’s guide – Best in Travel, has named the South West Region of WA in its top 10 regions of the world, and encourages Aussies to make the effort to get here, regardless of distance, before the rest of the world arrives!  Sarah Armed of Decanter  Magazine proclaims WA's southwest to be the holiday makers eco-friendly paradise and includes Settlers Tavern in the to visit list.

The drive from Perth is now just 3 hours on the new freeway, so when you're visiting the region, call in for a glass of wine from Australia's Best Pub Restaurant WIne List, a cold beer from a choice of 14 on tap, or some great southern hospitality - full menu served all day from 12noon - 8:30pm everyday.

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BISTRO: 12 noon - 8:30pm

BAR: Mon - Fri 11am - midnight | Sat 10am - midnight* | Sun 11am - 10pm*

Call 08 9757 2398    or     e-mail

Address: 114 Bussell Highway, Margaret River Western Australia, 6285


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